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1. Why this privacy policy?

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to give you an overview of how we use personal information that we collect about you when you use our service to find an insurance or alarm solution that suits you. It is important that you read the entire document to understand what information we collect about you and how we use it, as well as how you can access to update your information, or have it deleted. It should be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions.

If you click on a link that takes you to a third party site, we are not responsible for how they use your information. You should read their privacy policy to understand how they use your private information. This Privacy Policy explains how we process your personal information.

“Personal information” This is all the information we collect that can be used to identify you. Your name, address and online identification such as your IP address.​​

2. Our service

When you shop with us, or join our benefits club, to provide "Our service":

We are a data processor in relation to the personal information you have given us, and we store this in a UK data center at Amazon as well as at; We do not share your information with third parties. We will keep in touch with you regarding our similar products, unless you ask us not to make use of the contact information you provide us.

3. How do we collect your private information?

We collect your personal information as follows:

3.1. Information you provide us Information you provide to us when you fill out an electronic application on our website, to use our service. Information you give us when you talk to us by phone, email or otherwise. This includes information you may provide to us when using our service, or if you have any questions, report a problem with the website, or if you otherwise contact us.

3.2 Information we collect about you

Automated technologies or interactions. When you interact with our website, we may automatically collect technical information about your software and hardware, Internet behavior and patterns. We collect your information using cookies, server logs and other similar technologies. Please see our cookie policy for further information.


4. Personal information we collect about you

In order to offer our service, we collect the following information about you:

Identity information: this includes your first and last name.

Contact information: this includes your address; phone number (s) and email

General information: Information related to customer relations and other relevant information e.g. customer relationship start date.

Marketing and communication information: This includes your preferences when you receive marketing about our similar products and services.

Technical information: This includes your Internet Protocol (IP) address which is used to connect your device to the Internet; web reading of your time zone; information about (“cookies”) cookies in the service users' browsers. The operating system and platform; the source of your query (for example, Google, Facebook, Bing, etc.) and the device you are using.

We also collect information about your activity on our website, including the complete Uniform Resource Locators (URL) click flow to, through and from our website (including date and time); page response times; error; the length of visits to each site; page interaction information (e.g. scroll; click and mouse-overs); methods used to navigate away from the page, and if you accessed our website from a search engine, the address of the search engine and the keyword you used.

Please note: It is your responsibility to check and ensure that all information you provide is correct, complete and accurate. If you do not provide personal information when requested, we will not be able to offer you our services

5. How do we use your personal information?

We only collect and use your data when permitted by law. We will typically use them for the following:

Where necessary for our legitimate interests: We may process your personal information for the legitimate interests of our company in providing a service to you. These interests do not go beyond privacy policy.

Our legitimate interests in the processing of your personal information are: Our interests in operating, managing and improving our business. As a result, our service enables us to help you find a service or service you have expressed interest in. You will be contacted with this information, unless you have asked us not to contact you, we will also send you information about our related products and services using the contact information you have provided. (Our right to do this is known as “soft opt-in.” This is explained in more detail below.)

The use of your personal information in this way is an important part of being able to offer you our service and provide our service and improve our service. To achieve this, we will use your personal information: to personalize certain information in our service; for market research, and to use our quality control tool. Quality control improves our service by enabling the customer to assess its potential to benefit from our services. This is achieved by using aggregated anonymised data which we keep internally and will not involve a credit check. (Aggregated anonymized data is data where the person's identity is removed and no one can be identified from it.) We are dedicated to still finding ways to improve our service and using your personal information in these ways enables us to achieve this.

Soft opt-in consent is a specific type of consent that applies where you have previously had our in dialogue with us (for example by submitting contact information your contact information via our website, to inquire about our service), and we market other similar services / products. Under "soft opt-in" consent, we will take your consent as given unless you deselect it. For most customers, this is valuable as it allows us to tell you about other related services that we think will be useful to you, along with the specific service you originally expressed interest in.

Marketing: We will simply contact you in response to a query or communication from you or during your soft opt-in. We will not send unwanted marketing communications to you about other types of products or services.

Third Party Marketing: We will not share your personal information with external companies for marketing purposes.

Cookies: You can set your browser to deny all or some cookies, or notify you when websites specify or access cookies. If you disable or deny cookies, you must be aware that some parts of this website may become inaccessible or not work properly. For more information about our use of cookies, please see the section about our cookies.

Change of purpose: We only use your information for the purposes we collect it for, unless we reasonably believe that we may use it for some other reason and that the reason is compatible with the original purpose. If we use your personal information for an unrelated purpose, we will notify you and we will explain to you the legal basis that allows us to do so.

Compliance with legal or statutory obligations: We may process your personal information without your knowledge or consent, in accordance with the above rules, where required or lawful.

6. What do we store your personal information for?

We have below in a table, described how your personal information can be used by us, and on what legal basis. Please note that we may process your personal information for more than a lawful basis, depending on the specific purpose for which we use the information. Contact us if you need a detailed review of the legal basis we rely on to process your personal information.

Purpose activity


Type of data

 Legal basis for processing including basis for legitimate interest


to manage reporting and hosting of data). improve and protect our company and this website (including training, troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, system maintenance, research, support.


(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Technology


(a) Necessary for our legitimate interests (to run our business, administration and IT services, network security, to prevent fraud and in connection with a reorganization of the company or restructuring of the group).

(b) Necessary to comply with a lawful obligation.


Administration of our relationship with yours includes:

(a) Inform you of changes to our Terms or Conditions or Privacy Policy

(b) Ask to write a review or complete a questionnaire.


(a) Identity (b) Contact

(c) Personal information

(d) Marketing and communication information


a) Necessary to comply with legal obligations

(b) Necessary for our legitimate interests (to keep you updated on updates as well as study how customers use our products / services).


To enable us to communicate with you:

(a) About your inquiry and some of our similar products and services (unless you have asked us not to) use the contact information you have provided to us.

(b) About any inquiries or complaints you may have.

(c) To ask you to complete a survey or provide us with feedback, recommendations or assessments.


(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Marketing and communication information


(a) Necessary for our legitimate interests (to conduct business in offering and improving our service, by keeping in touch with you about your inquiry and our similar products and services.)

(b) Necessary to comply with a lawful obligation.


To use data analysis to improve the website, products / services, marketing, customer relationships and experiences.


(a) Technical


Necessary for our legitimate interests (to define types of customers for our products and services, to keep the website up to date and relevant, to develop our business and to improve our marketing strategy).


To enable us to introduce you to advertising with advertisements about our service and to send you information about our similar products and services that we believe will be relevant to you, we may use your personal information to create a profile of you and your circumstances. These ads can be sent directly from us (if you have agreed to receive marketing communications from us), or be presented to you via advertising tools and social media, such as Facebook, Google and YouTube We believe we have a legitimate interest in profiling your personal information in this way. However, you have the right to protest if you do not want us to do this. In that case, you can contact us by writing to customer service at, to let us know that you do not want your personal information to be used for this.


(a) Identity (

b) Marketing and

(c) communication information


Required for our legitimate interests (to provide you with ads related to our service and other products and services through advertising tools and social media.


(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Employment conditions

(d) General

(e) Living conditions

Necessary for our legitimate interests (to conduct business in offering and improving our service.)


(a) Identity

(b) Contact

(c) Employment conditions

(d) General

(e) Living conditions


Necessary for our legitimate interests (to conduct business in offering and improving our service.)

7. How long do we store your personal information?

Unless the law requires us to retain your personal information for another period of time, we will retain it for 12 months from the date you last used our service, or until you ask us to delete it. Please note that if you ask us to delete your personal information, it may continue to be on our backup systems for legal or other legal reasons.

8.  Hvem deler vi dine personlige oplysninger med?

When you use our service, your information is shared with the following third parties

  • Other companies that enable us to provide our service or that offer services to us, such as IT service providers (such as providing a technology platform or other IT services, including data storage), and communications providers (such as providing email and text services for customer contact and marketing purposes).
  • Advertising networks and social media. Companies like Facebook, Google and YouTube so we can introduce you to relevant ads. These third parties help us provide you with our service.

In order for them to do this, we must let them process your personal information. We will ensure that they store the information securely, as well as generally comply with the Data Protection Regulation 2018 (“GDPR”) and other Danish privacy policies. We will also share your personal information when we have your consent or where we are required to do so for legal reasons, for example to prevent or detect crime, for compliance or to enforce or enforce our terms and conditions or other agreements .

Alternatively, we can acquire another company or merge with another company. In the event of a change in our business, the new owners may use your personal information in the same manner as set forth in this Privacy Policy. Finally, we may also share your personal information with third parties with whom we may choose to sell, transfer or merge parts of our business or our assets.

9.  Typical data sources

Personal information is collected mainly when customer or collaborative relationships are initiated and during the customer relationship, as well as by other relevant use of the service, including search form information, electronic services and customer interviews. Information is obtained when a user participates in marketing campaigns and events organized by the service provider.​

10.  Automated decision making

An automated decision is one in which a computer or system is used to assess the information you provide to make a decision about you. We do not make automated decisions regarding your engagement.

11.  Hvad er dine juridiske rettigheder?

  • Right to object - because you have asked us to help you find a financial product, we must process the personal information you provide us so that we can find that product with us. You can oppose this treatment at any time by sending us an email. We will process any query immediately, although this will mean that we cannot help you find the product you asked us to help you find.
  • Right of access - according to the Personal Data Act, the data subject has the right to access personal data which he has given in connection with registration. The control request must be sent to the data controller with responsibility for personal data cases, in addition, the request must be in writing and signed. A control request can also be delivered by appointment in person at the data controllers' address. The data controller is entitled to be reimbursed for his expenses in connection with this if the registered user checks more than once a year.
  • Right of correction - if we store personal information about you that is incorrect, you can ask us to correct it and we will do so as soon as possible.
  • Right to delete - if it is no longer necessary for us to store your personal information in the context you provided it to us, you can ask us to delete your profile. If you ask us to do this we will delete your personal information as soon as possible, although this will mean that we can not help you find the financial solution you asked us to help you find.
  • Right to limit the use of your information - you can ask us to limit the processing of your personal information if, for example, you believe that the personal information you have given us is inaccurate. This may mean that we cannot help you with your engagement.
  • Right to complain to the Consumer Ombudsman - We will try to resolve any complaints that you may have in relation to data protection issues. If you are not satisfied with our final answer, you have the right to have your complaint dealt with by the Consumer Ombudsman. See section 14. “Complaints and contact information for our data protection officer”.​

12.  Is your personal information transferred outside the EEA area?

Although we do not routinely transfer personal information outside Denmark, we may do so if some of our partners or third-party suppliers are either based outside the EEA or if they use a data processor outside the EEA. When this is the case, we will make sure that they agree to: keep your personal information secure; Use the same levels of protection as we are required in Denmark, and that they only use it so that we can provide our service for you. We will do this by applying appropriate guarantees and protections as specified in Danish law, for example by using a data transfer agreement which contains certain standard model protection clauses.


13.  Data security

Information that is processed electronically in the personal data database is protected by a firewall, password and other security components which together constitute respected IT security.

Documentation containing information in manual form is stored so that the material is protected against unauthorized access. Only the identified processing manager, affiliated employee or caseworkers with responsibility for the case area has access to the registered information.

We have put in place appropriate security measures to prevent your personal information from being lost, used or accessed in an unauthorized manner, altered or disclosed. In addition, we restrict access to your personal information to employees, agents, contractors and other third parties who have a business that may have access. They only process your personal information on our instructions and they are subject to confidentiality.

We have initiated procedures to handle any suspicious personal information and we will notify you and any applicable regulator of breaches if we are legally required to do so.

14.  Klager og kontaktinformation til vores databeskyttelsesansvarlige

We want you to be confident that we handle your personal information responsibly and in line with good practice. If you are concerned about whether we do this, you should contact us immediately. We will take your concern seriously and work with you to resolve the issue

Please contact us at the following email:

Data protection officer​

15.  How do we use cookies?

We have implemented and use the Google Display Network (GDN) impression reporting, demographics and interest reporting, re-marketing with Analytics and segments. We use these services to help us improve the website and our advertising, including who sees our ads and their content. We and other third parties, such as Google, use first-party and third-party cookies to help us display relevant ads to you. Because of these cookies, you may see advertisements on other websites that market More information about cookies and how they are used can be found under the section on cookies.

While we are unable to control ads that you may see on other websites, you can opt out or change your ad adjustment settings at any time by going to Google Ads Preferences Manager.

16.  Changes to this Privacy Policy

Any changes we make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page.

Please check our privacy policy regularly to see if it has changed. If anything materially changes that affects the way we may use your personal information (meaning that it would be illegal for us to continue to use your personal information), then we will do our best to convey it to you.

Last updated 01/08/2020